JV Shower Doors and MoreJV Shower Doors and More


Custom Frameless Shower Doors

All of our custom frameless shower doors are measured by professional experienced technicians to meet each customers needs. No 2 showers are the same


Custom Mirror Work

Vanity mirrors with flat polished or beveled edges make a great addition to your bathroom. These are all custom cut to fit. There can be cutouts for outlets or light fixtures as needed


Custom Steam Unit Enclosures

These enclosures are measured specifically to keep as much steam in the unit as possible. Floor to ceiling measurements are taken and the appropriate hardware and seals are chosen to create exactly what the customer wants.


Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are measured and installed to add seperation in an office space or open space without making the space look smaller. Custom frameless splash guards are used in a bathroom where the customer does not want a door.


Wine Cellars

A custom glass wine cellar is a statement piece that can add elegance to any home



Our Promise

Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won’t stop working until you like what we’ve done.


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